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The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

"The Boy with the Thorn in His Side" is a song by The Smiths . It appears on their third album The Queen Is Dead but was released as a single (albeit in a different mix) several months before the album, reaching #23 in the UK Singles Chart in Autumn 1985.
This was the first single by The Smiths to be accompanied by a promotional video, something the band had previously resisted. Some of the Smiths' more purist fans at the time derided this as a sell-out.
The following year, the New Musical Express greeted the news that the band had signed a contract with EMI with the headline "The Boy With The Thorn-EMI On His Side".
The jumping man on the cover of the single release is a young Truman Capote .
The song was covered by Scottish band Bis on the tribute album The Smiths Is Dead. Music reviewer Stephen Thomas Erlewine trashed the cover, stating: "In particular, the Bis utterly disembowel 'The Boy with the Thorn in His Side' with a single-minded stupidity that is just bewildering."
The song has also been covered by Jeff Buckley, Belle & Sebastian, Scott Matthews and Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis in live performances. The song's title was also adopted for the name of a book written by Pete Wentz, bassist of the band Fall Out Boy.
The song was featured in the third episode of the British drama musical series Blackpool. The Smiths performed this song on an episode of the popular British television program Top of the Pops.
Margi Clarke asked Morrissey if this song was inspired by Oscar Wilde and Morrissey replied: "No that's not true. The thorn is the music industry and all those people who never believed anything I said, tried to get rid of me and wouldn't play the records. So I think we've reached a stage where we feel: if they don't believe me now, will they ever believe me? What more can a poor boy do?"
The words of the B-side etching are the ones heard at the end of the B-side song "Rubber Ring", a sample taken from a recording of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest . "JM" stands for Johnny Marr.

Single by The Smiths
from the album The Queen Is Dead
ReleasedSeptember 23, 1985
Format7", 12"
RecordedAugust 1985
GenreAlternative rock
Length3:17 (album version / different mix)
LabelRough Trade
Writer(s)Johnny Marr

ProducerThe Smiths (single); Morrissey and Johnny Marr (album version)

The boy with the thorn in his side
Behind the hatred there lies
A plundering desire for love
How can they see the Love in our eyes
And still they don't believe us ?
And after all this time
They don't want to believe us
And if they don't believe us now
Will they ever believe us ?
And when you want to Live
How do you start ?
Where do you go ?
Who do you need to know ?




"Alma Matters"
is a song by
released as a single in July 1997. It was the first single to be taken from the Maladjusted album and was released one week before its parent album.

The single reached number 16 in the UK Singles Chart, becoming Morrissey's first top 20 hit since "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" in 1994. The song was also notable for seeing Morrissey reference the film A Taste of Honey for the first time since his early days in The Smiths in the line "it's my life to ruin my own way".

Single by Morrissey
from the album Maladjusted
Released21 July 1997
Format7", 12", CD, cassette
LabelIsland (UK)
Writer(s)Morrissey, Alain Whyte
ProducerSteve Lillywhite

You see, to someone, somewhere, oh yeah
Alma matters
In mind, body and soul
In part and in whole
Because to someone, somewhere, oh yeah
Alma matters
In mind, body and soul
In part and in whole


Where The Streets Have No Name

"Where the Streets Have No Name"
is a song by rock band U2 . It is the opening track from their 1987 album The Joshua Tree ,and it was released as the album's third single in August 1987.
Bono's lyrics for the song were based on the notion that it is possible to identify a person's religion and income based on the street on which they lived, particularly in Belfast.[citation needed] Amidst difficulties recording the song, producer Brian Eno attempted to erase the song from the recording tapes. The song's signature is a repeating guitar arpeggio utilising a delay effect that is played at the beginning and end of the song.
This video was directed by Meiert Avis. The song was performed to playback on the rooftop of the Republic Liquor Store at East 7th Street and South Main Street in Los Angeles on 27 March 1987. The scenes include the police shutting the video down due to safety concerns, however the video was heavily edited and overdubbed to make it appear that the band kept performing after the police ordered them to shut down. In reality, they stopped upon being ordered to do so. In 1988, the music video won a Grammy Award for "Best Performance Music Video".

" 'Where The Steets Have No Name' was the perfect introduction. It is one of the most extraordinary ideas, only matched by The Doors' 'Break On Through To The Other Side' as a throw-down to an audience. Do you want to go there? Because if you do, I'm ready to go there with you, to that other place. Call it what you like, a place of imagination, where there are no limitations."
— Bono

I wanna run, I want to hide
I wanna tear down the walls
That hold me inside.
I wanna reach out
And touch the flame
Where the streets have no name.

I wanna feel sunlight on my face.
I see the dust-cloud
Disappear without a trace.
I wanna take shelter
From the poison rain
Where the streets have no name
Where the streets have no name
Where the streets have no name.

We're still building and burning down love
Burning down love.
And when I go there
I go there with you
(It's all I can do)...


"Under the Bridge"

is a song by the American alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers , released on March 10, 1992 as the second single from the group's fifth studio album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Vocalist Anthony Kiedis wrote the lyrics to express a feeling of loneliness and despondency and to reflect on narcotics and their impact on his life. Kiedis initially did not feel "Under the Bridge" would fit into the Chili Peppers' repertoire and was reluctant to show it to his band mates until producer Rick Rubin implored him to do so. The rest of the band was receptive to the lyrics and wrote the music.
The song became a critical and commercial success, peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and later certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The single's success was widened with the release of its accompanying video, which was frequently played on music television channels. It won the "Viewer's Choice Award" and "Breakthrough Video" at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards.
"Under the Bridge" allowed the Red Hot Chili Peppers to enter the mainstream. David Fricke of Rolling Stone said the song "unexpectedly drop-kicked the band into the Top 10", while Philip Booth of The Tampa Tribune commented that it was a "pretty, undulating, [and] by-now omnipresent single." Its success led in part to the departure of guitarist John Frusciante, who preferred the band to remain underground. The song has become an inspiration to other artists, and remains a seminal component of the alternative rock movement of the early- and mid-1990s.
The music video for "Under the Bridge" was directed by Gus Van Sant, who photographed the band during their stay at The Mansion and provided the art direction for Blood Sugar Sex Magik.
Single by Red Hot Chili Peppers
from the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik
"Search and Destroy"
"Soul to Squeeze"
"Fela's Cock" (1994 re-issue)
ReleasedMarch 10, 1992
FormatCD, cassette, 7", 12"
RecordedApril–June 1991 at The Mansion in Los Angeles, California
GenreAlternative rock
LabelWarner Bros.
Writer(s)Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante, Flea, Chad Smith
ProducerRick Rubin


{Grapefruit Moon}

{Coffee and Cigarettes}

Coffee and Cigarettes is the title of three short films and a 2003 feature film by independent director Jim Jarmusch. The 2003 film consists of 11 short stories which share coffee and cigarettes as a common thread.
The film is composed of a comic series of short vignettes shot in black and white built on one another to create a cumulative effect, as the characters discuss things such as caffeine popsicles, Paris in the 1920s, and the use of nicotine as an insecticide — all the while sitting around drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. The theme of the film is absorption in the obsessions, joys, and addictions of life, and there are many common threads between vignettes (such as the Tesla coil, medical knowledge, the suggestion that coffee and cigarettes don't make for a healthy meal (generally lunch), cousins, The Lees (Cinqué, Joie, and a mention of Spike), musicians, industrial music, acknowledged fame, and the idea of drinking coffee before sleeping in order to have fast dreams). In each of the segments of the film, the common motif of alternating black and white tiles can be seen in some fashion.

1h33min ♫♫ * Coffee and cigarettes *

{Hand in Glove}

♫♫ * The Smiths *

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{Just snow}

{Gravitate to me}

Gravitate to me ♫♫ * The The *
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{Alter ego}

Waltzing Matilda ♫♫ * Tom Waits *
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{Alter ego}

Jockey Full of Bourbon ♫♫ * Tom Waits *
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{Forever More}

♫♫ * Moloko *
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{Como témpera}

♫♫    * Cubismo feat. Gibonni *

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I'm in love with this movie :)

♫♫      Leona Lewis - I see you [Offical Avatar Song]
{I see you}


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{The Rivers Of Belief}


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{I see you}


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{Only If}

♫♫ * Enya *

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{The return to innocence}

♫♫ * ENIGMA *

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{Beyond the Invisible}

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{Silent Warrior}

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ja ne vidim druge ni u snovima,
prije podne za dvoje, prazna ulica,sve moje i tvoje tu u grudima...


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{Age Of Loneliness}

(Carly´s Song) ♫♫ * ENIGMA *

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{Morphing Thru Time}

Et turtur nidum
Ubi reponat pullos suos
Altaria tua domine virtutum
Rex meus, et deus meus

We are floating over the line
Let us follow our mind
All of our life, we'll wait for the answer
And the question is why?

If we're following our mind
We can glide into light
No one knows if there'll be an answer
While, we're morphing through time

♫♫ * Enigma *

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{Long Long Journey}

♫♫ * Enya *
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{Somewhere over the rainbow}


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